The Brangelina Effect

The Maltese Islands are currently going through the effect of having more than one celebrity spending time on our little island… currently we are going through what the tabloids are calling “The Brangelina Effect”. As anyone who has access to social media, or the internet in general knows, a couple of weeks ago everyone’s favourite couple – Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie – got married in their estate in Correns, France. Lucky for Malta and especially for Gozo, Brangelina were booked in to film their latest production entitled “By The Sea” in Gozo for the next three months… So guess where this power couple are spending their working honeymoon? Yes, that’s right in the lovely island of Gozo! Aren’t we a lucky bunch?

Brad Pitt and his family are no strangers to Malta, he was here filming Troy in 2003, and more recently filming World War Z. This time however, he chose the smaller, more rustic island of Gozo to base his film. This would be the first time that this duo are starring in a film together, since their roles in Mr & Mrs Smith that brought them together. The couple will reportedly by filming in front of the Ta’ Cenc cliffs, in the small village of Sannat. They have rented much of the area where the five star Hotel Ta’ Cenc and its luxury villas can be found. The couple supposedly paid the owner of a small kiosk on a beach which is also part of the filming location, thousands of euros to close shop for the summer so that they can film here.

As part of their holiday, the happy couple and their family will be staying on a luxury yacht in order to explore the surrounding areas.

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