Malta Turns 50 & Gets the Royal Treatment

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From one celebrity to another, Malta is really enjoying being in the media spotlight recently! As some of you may know, yesterday (21st September) Malta celebrated 50 years of independence. Since Malta was a British colony up until we gained independence, and is still a member of the commonwealth till today, we were treated to a special visit from Prince William himself who came instead of his wife after she had to cancel due to severe morning sickness.

The prince was in Malta for a day and a half of jam packed activities and site-seeing. It was his first visit to Malta so he really had a lot to see and do. Amongst the sites he visited was St. John’s Co-Cathedral – one of the must see sites when visiting the little island we love to call home. He also took a short harbour cruise on board a traditional Maltese boat, where he was able to take in the beauty of the Grand Harbour from the sea.

So what’s next for Malta? Well according to the Daily Mail (not that it’s a very reliable source or anything), the Queen is planning on visiting Malta next October for the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting (CHOGM) together with her three heirs to the throne – Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George. If this bit of news is true, it will be the first time the monarch will travel together with her three heirs. 


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