Some of Our Favourite Bars in Valletta

Until a few years ago Valletta used to be quiet quiet in the evenings and night. This was always a shame as both locals and foreigners alike could never understand how a country's capital city could be so inactive at night, with barely any nightlife except for a few restaurants. In recent years Valletta a new, creative generation saw that there was potential in Valletta, and took over opening a variety of trendy and unique bars. From bars specialising in whisky, gin and wine, Valletta now has a number of bars to suit everyone's tastes. Here are some of our favourite...

1. Bridge Bar

Located on the St. Ursula's Steps in Valletta, the owners of Bridge Bar were amongst the first to realise Valletta's true potential. On any day of the week, Bridge Bar is just a normal bar where one can enjoy a drink in a nice surrounding. However, for the past 10 or so years, Bridge Bar has built a reputation as the place to go to on a Friday between May and October to enjoy some local jazz music.

2. Cafe Society  
Cafe Society opened its doors in 2015, and defines itself as "the wrong place for the right people". It is a popular bar amongst local artists, musicians, writers and creatives. It is located on the steps of St. John's Street. Cafe Society is known for it's original cocktails, some of which contain a nice touch of fresh herbs. The latest event to be organised by this trendy bar, is what they call a "free outdoor film festival". Every Thursday starting from August, they will show a film on a big screen outdoors, just like an outdoor cinema. This year, the films will be related to the theme "In Motion" so every Thursday, the film will be about a different way of moving. 

3. StrEat
StrEat is located in an underground Maltese stone cellar in Strait Street, the famous street which was home to the red light district back when the British forces were in Malta.  If you are a whisky lover, StrEat is the place to go to, as it's whisky menu is one of the most extensive lists in Malta. Besides its broad range of whiskies, StrEat also has a menu full of mouthwatering dishes. 

4. Yard 32
Yard 32 is another bar located in the trendy Strait Street, however instead of specialising in whisky, this bar is a bar which specialises in gin and tapas. It is the first gin bar in Malta, and the owners pride themselves in offering over 90 different types of gin, 35 different types of tonic water, and over 40 different kinds of tapas. They claim to offer a truly Spanish experience, with a warm atmosphere and friendly people. 

Of course, there are a lot more bars that we like visiting when we're in Valletta, but if we had to mention them all our post will be never ending! 

If you would like any more information about any of the above mentioned bars, or any other bars in Valletta, feel free to drop us an email by clicking here.


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