5 of Malta's Most Beautiful Secluded Bays

It is no secret that during the Summer months the beaches in Malta can get a little bit noisy and overcrowded, especially during the weekends or on one of the public holidays. We decided to list some of our favourite secluded bays which, although won't be completely deserted, their location makes them a bit quieter than some of the more popular beaches.

1. St. Peter's Pool, Delimara Point
St. Peter's Pool is located close to the fishing village of Marsaxlokk, on the East coast of Malta. This is a rocky bay, and access to the sea is by jumping from the rocks, or by ladder. Getting there is not easy, and you will need to park your car and walk down to the beach. This beach mostly frequented by locals so it makes a good alternative to some of the more touristy beaches found in the Northern part of the island. The sea at St. Peter's Pool is crystal clear with beautiful shades of blue and light green, and offers excellent snorkelling opportunities.

2. Imgiebah Bay, Selmun
Imgiebah Bay, also known as Selmun Beach, offers beach goers the option of a rocky beach, as well as a small sandy beach. The reason this bay remains uncrowded, is because there is a climb down a cliff path which puts many people off. However, if the sea is calm, this bay offers some great snorkelling opportunities while being surrounded by beautiful, untouched nature.

3. Fomm ir-Rih Bay, Mgarr
This bay is located in the Northern part of the island and can only be reached by boat or, if you are a bit adventurous, by foot. It is a pebble bay, and the fact that it is difficult to reach means that it's usually a very quiet spot and is frequented mostly by those that enjoy nature and the tranquillity it offers. The bay offers crystal clear sea, and is also home to the famous Maltese freshwater crab which is very rare and slowly becoming extinct.

4. Kalanka Bay, Delimara Point
This bay is located in Delimara, quite close to St. Peter's Pool. Besides an old, abandoned hotel, the area is pretty much underdeveloped and its high rock cliffs offer natural beauty. Since there aren't many options where one can swim in the South of Malta, this bay may still get a little bit busy, however there is plenty of room and even some shady areas for you to enjoy!

5. Slugs Bay, Mellieha
Slugs Bay is one of Malta's smallest beaches, and although there is a tiny patch of sand available to enjoy, we wouldn't call this bay a sandy beach. The beach is set by a pool within the jagged rocks that fell from the cliffs at Ahrax in Mellieha many many years ago and there are a lot of areas where you can settle down quite comfortably. In order to get to the beach you need to take a short trek from the top of the cliffs at the far end of Ahrax point.

When visiting any of the above beaches, it is good to keep in mind that there are no amenities or kiosks located at any of these beaches, so we suggest packing a picnic cooler with some drinks and snacks to make sure that you can make the most out of your day at the beach!

Want to know how to get to any of these beaches or any other information? Feel free to click here and drop us a line to let us know how we can help you. 


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