Top Fashion Models Get Taste of Malta and the Mediterranean

Last week, America’s Sports Illustrated released their behind the scenes videos and photographs from their 2016 swimsuits photo-shoot which was held in Malta earlier this year.  The shoot starred some of their popular, bikini-clad models namely Kate Bock, Kelly Rohrbach, Tanya Mityushina, Samantha Hoopes and Robin Lawley who were photographed by Ben Watts. Here's what Sports Illustrated and the models had to say about the little rock I love to call home...

A number of Malta’s gems including Valletta, Birgu, Marsaxlokk and the Azure Window in Gozo provided the perfect scenery for the shoot. On an article about Malta appearing on the Sports Illustrated website, the Sports Media franchise said that they “were drawn more by its broad aesthetic appeal. Its cobblestone streets and limestone buildings offered a quaint urban setting, while the Azure Window, the Dingli Cliffs (which served as a setting for Game of Thrones) and the salt pans on the island of Gozo provided unique natural backdrops.”

Kate Bock was photographed by Ben Watts in Malta.
Swimsuit by Norma Kamali. Photo credits: Sports Illustrated 
One of the models, Kate Bock, said that she had never heard about Malta before shooting here, and described it by saying “there was tons of white sandstone everywhere, really beautiful water, amazing coastlines, epic cliffs…” and that she would definitely recommend it as a place to visit. Another model said that "Malta is actually an amazing island because it has so much to offer, the temples, the churches, the cliffs... It's so amazing". With so many hidden gems, the models felt like they were discovering a "hidden lost place". One of the other models went as far as to describe Malta's white cliffs as "special and sexy".

If you would like to view some of the behind the scenes footage, feel free to watch the below video or click here to go directly to the Sports Illustrated website.

If you would like any information about any of the places used in the photo-shoot, drop us a line by clicking here


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