5 Romantic Hotspots in Malta

This week's blog is inspired by Vogue, the international fashion and lifestyle magazine because last Thursday they posted an article on their website entitled "Eight Unexpected Honeymoon Spots That Will Make You Rethink Your Plans" and Malta featured in fifth place so we decided to recommend some of our favourite romantic places. 

1. A Karrozzin Ride Around Valletta
Valletta is Malta’s capital city and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is quite busy during the day, but in the late afternoon and evening it gets a little bit quieter. When visiting Valletta, I would suggest taking a ride on a karrozzin, Malta’s version of a horse-drawn carriage, around the outskirts of Valletta. Then I would suggest having dinner at Giannini restaurant, or maybe visiting Strait Street where you can choose from a variety of trendy wine bars. 

2. Dining in Mdina

Mdina is Malta’s old capital city and is known as the “Silent City”. As its nickname suggests Mdina is a quiet, medieval walled town perched on one of Malta’s highest hills and has fantastic views, beautiful old buildings and narrow twisting streets. If you want to treat your significant other to a special meal, I suggest visiting De Mondion, one of Malta’s best restaurants.

3. A Day Trip to Gozo

Gozo can be described as the unruined Mediterranean. Most people are still farmers or fishermen and it offers a truly unique experience that is different to the experience Malta offers. The best part about it is that Gozo is only a short 30 minute ferry ride from Gozo, so you won’t have to change hotels. When visiting Gozo I would suggest going to see the Ggantija Temples, the oldest, free standing temples in the world. 

4. Golden Bay Tower at Sunset

This is my favourite place to view sunset in Malta because you can just sit and enjoy listening to the sound of the sea crashing against the rocks below while watching the sunset reflecting over the sea. If you prefer sitting on sand rather than rocks there are two beaches on either side of the tower.

5. Have a Swim in the Blue Lagoon

Does your honeymoon coincide with our summer season? Then I would definitely suggest visiting Comino’s Blue Lagoon. The crystal clear azure water is what makes this Comino’s best asset. If you have the budget for it, I would definitely recommend chartering a private yacht so that you can appreciate the lagoon while still enjoying some privacy. 

Want to know what else you can do while honeymooning in Malta? Drop us a line by clicking here to find out. 


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