Titti the Diving Dog

It's summer, it's hot (at least in Malta it is) and let's face it, everyone feels a little bit more laid back and relaxed in Summer. So this week we decided to post a blog about a little dog that has taken the internet world by storm. The Jack Russell terrier, who goes by the name Titti, became a global sensation after photographer Mark Cassar captured the dog diving with her owner and sent it to a local radio station. The radio station posted the video on their Facebook page and received thousands of comments and likes from all around the world.

The video of this cute dog and her owner diving into the crystal clear blue water at St. Peter's Pool in Malta, even attracted attention from news agencies like the BBC, Daily Mail, CNN, Sky, and Australia's Channel Nine.

Watch the video below to watch Titti in action and to hear more about her from her owner.


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