Another Record Year for Malta...

At the beginning of February, the Malta Tourism Authority together with the Ministry of Tourism and National Statistics Office announced that 2016 was another record year for tourism in Malta. 2016 was the 7th consecutive year with overall increases,  inbound tourism increased by 10% totalling almost 2 million tourists. This is very exciting news for all of us involved in the tourism sector in Malta, especially because the increase does not only come from Malta's traditional source markets such as the UK, Italy and Germany, but also includes increases from countries like Poland, Hungary, Greece and the Netherlands.

If you're interested in all of these statistics you can watch the video below, which was released by the MTA to celebrate last year's success in the tourism industry...

If you would like to better understand what attracts tourists to Malta, you can watch the below video which is currently trending locally on different social media sites. The destination video, produced by Oliver Astrologo, takes viewers on a journey, discovering different tourist attractions in Malta.

Malta from Oliver Astrologo on Vimeo.

If you would like to learn more about Malta, please feel free to drop us a line by clicking here


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