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It's been a few months since we updated our beloved blog - we were very in busy in the office during the last quarter of 2016, and unfortunately our blog got given a back seat until we caught up on everything. We decided that with the start of 2017, the first blog should be about which lists Malta appeared on towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Here's a list of our favourite articles...

Lonely Planet's Top 25 Secret Destinations - September 2016

Way back in September, Lonely Planet released the Fall publication of the US edition of the Lonely Planet Magazine. One of the cover features is an article which lists the top 25 "secret" destinations according to their adventure experts - and Malta took the number 1 spot!

Writer Abigail Blasi said that Malta should no longer be thought of as a place for "elderly tour groups", highlighting the fact that there has been an emergence of new, modern architecture, trendy bar and restaurant launches, as well as a number of new hotels.

Below is a list of the other destinations that made the list:

Malta Voted 3rd Best Diving Site in the World - October 2016

Sport Diver Magazine, a UK based diving magazine, held their annual awards ceremony in Birmingham last October. In the run up to the awards ceremony, their readers were invited to vote for their most prized diving destinations around the world and the Maltese Islands claimed the award for "3rd Best Diving Destination". The Maldives won the first prize, with Egypt coming in at a close second, this means that the Maltese Islands were the most popular diving destination in the Mediterranean. 

Business Insider's 50 Places To Visit in 2017 - December 2016

As the end of 2016 approached, a number of websites released lists of destinations which they thought people should travel to in 2017. The Business Insider released their choice of 50 places worth a visit for people who love to travel and experience cultures.

Malta featured on the list, with the writer giving a mention to the filming of "Game of Thrones",  our three UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as to our beautiful beaches. Malta really does have a little bit of everything!

Business Insider UK's 75 Under-the-Radar Places Everyone Should Visit - December 2016

Later in December, the UK edition of the Business Insider published a bucket list of places and attractions which they believe would give readers the chance to see some beautiful and lesser known parts of the world. In order to do this, they took to TripAdvisor and considered the number of current traveller reviews to rank the attractions on the list.

Malta's more beautiful sister island, Gozo, appeared in 10th place on their list of places to visit. Alison Millington, Edith Hancock and Chloe Pantazi, the authors of the article, described Gozo as "an island strewn with temples, salt pans and picturesque beaches."

Bloomberg Pursuits' Where to Go in 2017

Pursuit is Bloomberg's hub for anything related to lifestyle news and luxury reviews. At the beginning of January they published a list of where they deemed to be the best destinations for 2017. Not only did they mention the destinations, but they also did their research to recommend the best times to visit each destination, some suggestions for cultural events and hotel openings. 

Malta appeared on the list, and the author's suggested time to visit is during the spring time, particularly during Easter week, when visitors can get a true taste of local traditions. 

Skyscanner's Travel Trends: Where to Go on Holiday in 2017 - January 2016

Last week, Skyscanner released a list of predicted travel hot spots for 2017. The global travel search engine carried out an analysis of millions of flight searches over the last year, combined with qualitative research carried out by their team of travel experts, and, based on this research, released a list of their top seven destinations for 2017. 

Malta placed first on the list, with a year-on-year increase of 59% in flight searches on the travel site. Skyscanner believes that Malta is "reinventing itselg as a seriously hip weekend break contender" thanks to the opening of new trendy boutique hotels and cool bars around Valletta. They also mention that Maltese Islands are slowing becoming a top music destination, with big-name international events such as the Isle of MTV concert and the Annie Mac Lost and Found festival. 

All-in-all, 2017 is looking like an interesting year for Malta, if any of the above articles make you want to visit the little rock in the Mediterranean which we love to call home, please feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we can help you plan your stay. 


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