Malta Tourism Authority Installs Beach Facilities

beachThe Malta Tourism Authority (MTA), in collaboration with the National Commission for Persons with a Disability (KNPD) and the Ministry of Tourism, have recently unveiled new measures to make sure that everyone can enjoy a a day at the beach in Malta.

At Mellieha Bay (Ghadira), special walkways have been erected leading from the roadside pavement, down purposely-constructed ramps all the way to the sea. After receiving positive feedback about these ramps, the MTA said that they will be looking into adding similar ones at other coastal locations around the Maltese Islands. These ramps and walkways are not only of benefit to people with permanent disabilities, but also to seniors and families with pushchairs or strollers.

beachThe MTA has also invested in 10 special wheelchairs, which can be pulled over sand and can also enter into the water. All major sandy beaches will have at least one of these available, giving people with disabilities or elderly people easier access to the sea.

In addition, two special hoists have been installed on a trial basis. These hoists will make is easier for people with mobility problems to access the sea from rocky shores or jetties.

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