The Maltese Islands Declared Third Best Diving Destination in the World

Malta has recently received a number of awards and featured on a number of lists in the past couple of months.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the Maltese Islands had once again claimed 3rd place in the category for "Best Diving Destination" at the DIVER Awards Ceremony. With Egypt and the Maldives coming in first and second place respectively, this prestigious award also meant that Malta was the most popular diving destination in the Mediterranean.

This year saw the 18th edition of the original and most highly valued awards for the UK diving industry. The awards were presented at the London International Dive Show which was held at the ExCel Centre in early February.

At the beginning of April, Malta also featured in the BBC's list of "Five Underrated Countries You Need to Visit". The article which was written by Lindsey Galloway, turned to and asked it's community "Which country is the the most underrated?". This list included Austria, Mozambique, Canada, Bhutan, and of course Malta! The author claims that the countries that appear on the list are often overshadowed by other more popular destinations such as New York, Paris and London, but believes that they should also be included in travellers' bucket lists.

The latest award received by Malta was announced a couple of days ago and it came from PrivateFly, a private jet booking service. The company recently held a global poll of the world's most scenic landings, where there company asked a panel of international travel experts and travel fans for their thoughts on the most scenic airport approaches. In this annual survey, Malta International Airport received the most votes and topped the list.

Adam Twidell, an experience pilot and the CEO of PrivateFly, said that "flying into Malta is a truly special experience - it's a tiny island landing that packs a big punch. There is so much to take in. Without being hectic, the landscape changes from coast, to farmland, to the historic city of Valletta. It's like flying into a Picasso painting."

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