Focus On: L-Imgarr

For our third post in this series, I will be focusing on the village of L-Imgarr which is located in the northern part of the island. This village is surrounded by rich farmland and vineyards, meaning it is quite isolated. Most of the locals work in the agriculture industry, and throughout the years the village has managed to retain it's charm and tranquillity. The rustic environs surrounding Mgarr provide a number of picturesque spots ideal for a nice walks (and even a couple of pretty beaches). These include Bingemma, Wardija, Fomm Ir-Rih, Gnejna Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha.

Although Mgarr is quite a remote village, it has quite a long history with many of Malta's historical rulers leaving a footprint in Mgarr. For example one can find some examples of megalithic temples, punic tombs, ancient quarries, Roman remains (specifically the baths situated near Golden Bay) and the two towers left by the Knights of St. John. 

What to See & Do:
Festa Frawli 2015
Festa Frawli (Strawberry Feast) - Mgarr is renowned for the quality and taste of it's strawberries. This event, now in it's 10th edition, will be held on the 10th April 2016 and is a much awaited fixture in the Maltese calendar of events. The organisers of Festa Frawli promise a constant supply of freshly picked strawberries that will be ferried regularly to the village square by the local farmers themselves. There will also be a wide variety of desserts, snacks and beverages on sale, all made with fresh Mgarr strawberries!

Skorba Temples
Skorba Pre-Historic Temple - this site lies in an area found on the outskirts of Mgarr, known as Zebbbiegh. It is a pre-historic temple that dates back to before 3600BC, and was excavated in the early 1960's. This temple is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. This site includes the remains of what is believed to be two megalithic temples, one dates back to the Ggantija Phase, while the order was constructed at a later stage known as the Tarxien Phase. In addition to the temple structures, this archaeological site also includes the remains of several domestic huts.  

Where to Eat:
Being a small village, the restaurants here are known for serving the best, traditional cuisine, using home-grown produce. In fact, almost all the restaurants that can be found in Mgarr specialise in rabbit stew (the local delicacy), and all use local produce. The restaurants that we recommend visiting are United Bar and Il-Barri, both of which can be found next to the Mgarr Parish Church. 

If you would like more information about Mgarr, please drop us a line by clicking here.


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