Tauck Family Visits Malta

United Travel have been the local partners for Tauck Travel for the past 20 years. Tauck is one of the leading tour operators for high-end, escorted travel with over 130 programs in over 60 countries worldwide. 

When we received an email back in March telling us that Robin Tauck was organising a birthday cruise for her friend and family and that she wanted it to start from Malta we felt honoured and excited by the prospect of helping her celebrate her 60th birthday! 

Tauck friends and family arrived from all over the world including the USA, Egypt, Greece, France, Australia and Iran. In the morning of the 29th June there was a pre-arranged half day tour organised for those who arrived early; this included a panoramic tour of Malta visiting some of the villages in the centre of the island, as well as a short walking tour in Mdina which included a wine-tasting session. 

The guests were then expected to start embarking the Le Ponant in the afternoon, when they were welcomed by drummers in traditional costume. The guests were then allocated their cabins and given a safety lecture. The guests were then invited on to the deck where a cocktail reception was held. 

During the cocktail reception the guests were surprised by trumpeters, drummers and the Grandmaster for a small knighting ceremony during which they would get a taste of the full glory of the Knights of Malta. During this ceremony Robin's father, Mr. Arthur Tauck received some special recognition and was knighted by the Grandmaster. Mr. Arthur Tauck had personally designed the first "Treasures of the Mediterranean" tours back in the early 1990s.

Iain and Josianne Tonna, United Travel's managing directors, together with Christine McElhatton, Operations Executive at United Travel, as well as Mr Paul Bugeja, CEO of Malta Tourism Authority and Mr. Carlo Micallef, Director of New Markets, Cruise and Segment Marketing at Malta Tourism Authority and Mr. Charles Azzopardi, Ms. Magdalene Tabone, and Mr, Rob Bruno from the Phoenicia Hotel all attended the drinks reception and knighting ceremony. 


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