Malta Has Best Bathing Water Quality in the EU

Summer is just around the corner and coming from a Mediterranean island our summer holidays revolve around the sea. Whether it's cooling off in the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, enjoying a BBQ on the beach, or watching sunset and taking in the beautiful views, we always want to know that the sea we are swimming in is safe and clean. 

In a study published last week by the European Environment Agency and the European Commission, it was found that 95% of the monitored bathing sites within the European Union met the minimum requirements for bathing water and out of that 95%, 83% met the more stringent "excellent" level. 

The study compares the quality of bathing water from over 21,000 coastal and inland bathing sites across the EU, Switzerland and Albania. Depending on the levels of bacteria detected (which include bacteria as a result of pollution from sewage or livestock), the bathing water quality is then classified as "excellent", "sufficient" or poor". The  Only 400, out of these 21,000 sites were rated as "poor", this equals to just under 2% of the bathing sites. The three nations with the highest number of poor sites were France, Spain and Italy.

ReportOk, enough boring statistics, let me get to the point... So the lovely little rock in the middle of the Mediterranean which I love to call home, was one of only three countries that had 100% of their bathing sites rated as "Excellent" and it was also at the top of the list. The other countries that had reached this level of excellency were Cyprus and Luxembourg. 

I don't know about you, but these statistics make me want to go sit on a lounger in the sun somewhere, sip on cocktails and take a refreshing swim in our truly crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. 

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