A Blog of Our Own

After much persuasion, and a promise to update it regularly, our boss has finally let us have a blog to call our own! It's something new that we want to try out and we're very very excited about it. So I guess we'd like to welcome you to our new blog and we'll tell you a bit more about ourselves.

If you've had a look around our website you'll know that we are United Travel, a company that deals with travel arrangements for all types of visits to the tiny island of Malta located in the Mediterranean sea. Our services range from Special Interest Travel, to Leisure Groups, MICE related services, as well as individual travels, shore excursions for cruise liners etc. 

We love the little rock that we call home, and we would like to share our passion for our country with anyone who would like to know more about it - so keep reading to keep updated about what's going on in Malta and what our team is up to.


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